The Disadvantages of Smoking for Your Health

Smoking has two disadvantages. I do not see any benefit in smoking. Well, they will tell you about the many advantages of smoking. Many of them are that smoking relaxes you from smoking, reduces nervousness, etc. Cigarettes are made of tobacco. Tobacco contains tobacco. Diet is a very dangerous medicine for your health. When you smoke a cigarette, you take nicotine into your body and tens of thousands of different compounds. Therefore currently, you are trying to stop smoke snus is a better way to start it. Here are some disadvantages of smoking for your health.

Reduce Blood Circulation

smokingWhen you smoke, you carry carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide into your lungs by burning gasoline. This carbon dioxide will probably mix with your blood and slowly reduce the efficiency of your work. I mean, you will feel tired. You can’t work as fast as non-smokers.

Smoking causes breathing problems. The chances of becoming diabetic are probably high. The chance of contracting lung cancer is probably due to carbon monoxide and nicotine in smokers.

Bad Look Appearance

Smokers feel older than over-the-counter smokers at this age, making them look older than they age. Resistance to the disturbances will be reduced. Furthermore, smoking also promotes hair loss and make your skin aging. As i mentioned earlier, bad smokers will be looked older than they should be due to skin aging. Other than smoking also contributes to your body’s appearance. Smoking will be made your body more thin day by day. If you want to know more information about tips to quit smoking.

Decrease Brain Ability

smokingAnother thing is that your brain’s ability to function will be reduced. Research shows that smokers begin to lose their memory at age 50. Sometimes they end up in mild depression.

Smoking only creates difficulties. So be careful and stop smoking once and for all, therefore, if you don’t smoke right now, because it is so addictive and as I explain previously, smoking gives you a lot of disadvantages for your body health.

Author: Ronald Shelton

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