The Get ‘n’ Give Contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered.

Check back here often – Get ‘n’ Give is returning in Fall 2014!



Contest Details

Share with us how your community could put $50,000 to work — to benefit your community or cause. Let us know who would be impacted by this investment, and how it would make a difference.

Photos, videos, testimonials or anything creative you can add to your submission to help tell your story better is welcome.

Submissions that are not selected in the first round will be advanced through to following rounds throughout the duration of the contest. Submissions may be added to or edited as the contest proceeds.


Entry Submission Tips

To help you with the creation of your entry, we’ve included some feedback from the judging panel to guide you:

  • Give us background information on your community and who’s involved in your entry.
  • Describe your project. What is your total budget, and what will you put UFA’s $50,000 prize money towards? Is it a new or existing project? If it is an existing project, how long has it been running? What are your project timelines?
  • Have you received, or are you eligible to receive, funding from other sources? If so, from whom?
  • Who will benefit from the project? How many people in your community (and surrounding areas) will be impacted?
  • Will your project benefit future generations? How?
  • Can you get more creative? Show us photos, video footage, write a poem, provide links or even testimonials, to help tell your story.
  • Take time to ensure your submission is the best it can be!