How to Enter




UFA Get ‘n’ Give is a community investment program where UFA awards $50,000 each to five rural communities or organizations who need help to complete projects that enrich and support their communities. We’re looking for projects that have long-term benefits for the whole community – anything from a new piece of emergency equipment to the foundation for a new riding arena to a new roof for a local community centre. And because it’s about communities helping communities, each recipient of a $50,000 award chooses the next recipient in the ultimate rural act of kindness. It’s the gift of community spirit that keeps on giving!


Share with us how your community could put $50,000 to work to benefit your community or cause. Let us know who would be impacted by this investment, and how it would make a difference in the lives of your community members. Don’t forget to get creative! Photos, videos, testimonials or anything else you can add to your submission to help tell your story will improve your project’s chances of being chosen. For inspiration, check out previous winners’ entries. Submissions that are not selected in the first round will be advanced through to following rounds throughout the duration of the contest. You may add to or edit your submissions as the contest proceeds.


  • Give us background information on your community and who’s involved in your entry.
  • Describe your project. What will you put the prize money towards? What is your budget? Is it a new or existing project? If it is an existing project, how long has it been running? What are your project timelines?
  • Have you received, or are you eligible to receive, funding from other sources? If so, from whom?
  • Who will benefit from the project? How many people in your community (and surrounding areas) will be impacted?
  • Will your project benefit future generations? How?
  • Get creative! Show us photos or video footage, write a poem or sing a song, provide links or even testimonials – anything that’ll help tell your story. Check out past winners for inspiration.


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